Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee (EBBRAC)

New York State Legislation

This Advisory Committee was established pursuant to Chapter 57, Part B, section 46-a of the Laws of 2015 as Social Services Law Section 365-d.

The Advisory Committee

Pursuant to state law, the EBBRAC was created to advise and make recommendations on the coverage of health technology or services for purposes of the Medicaid Program. The New York Medicaid EBBRAC is composed of health care professionals, consumer advocates and appointees of the Commissioner.

Responsibilities of the EBBRAC include:

  • The consideration of matters regarding material changes in the coverage status of a particular item, health technology or service
  • The consideration of matters relative to a new health technology assessment or medical evidence review for which the New York State Department of Health determines a sufficient body of evidence exists to warrant Committee deliberation

EBBRAC Membership

EBBRAC Meeting Agendas and Meeting Summaries