Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee (EBBRAC)

The New York State Medicaid Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee (EBBRAC) aims to improve patient experience, improve health of populations, and reduce health care costs. The EBBRAC assists DOH in ensuring that benefits included in the Medicaid program are based on up-to-date evidence of efficacy, safety, improved outcomes, and cost effectiveness.

This Advisory Committee was established pursuant to Chapter 57, Part B, section 46-a of the Laws of 2015 as Social Services Law Section 365-d.

The Advisory Committee

Pursuant to state law, the EBBRAC was created to advise and make recommendations on the coverage of health technology or services for purposes of the Medicaid Program. The New York Medicaid EBBRAC is composed of health care professionals, consumer advocates and appointees of the Commissioner.

Responsibilities of the EBBRAC include:

  • The consideration of matters regarding material changes in the coverage status of a particular item, health technology or service
  • The consideration of matters relative to a new health technology assessment or medical evidence review for which the New York State Department of Health determines a sufficient body of evidence exists to warrant Committee deliberation
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A team within the New York State (NYS) Department of Health (The Department) will research the topic and present it to the NYS Medicaid program's Internal Benefit Review Committee (IBRC). The IBRC will determine if an internal decision can be made or if the topic requires further review from the Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee (EBBRAC).

To aid in this review, The Department invites you to electronically submit a dossier of supporting documents to ebbrac@health.ny.gov. The submitted dossier should include the following materials:

  • Completed IBRC New Technology Form
  • One-page executive summary of the request for coverage
  • Enumerated list of supporting articles/documents being submitted (with author, publication date, and title)
  • An electronic copy (full text including appendices and supplements) of each supporting article/document on the enumerated list

Efficacy, safety, generalizable clinical outcomes and relevancy to the population served by the New York State (NYS) Medicaid Program are of primary interest to The Department. The Department may consult additional sources of evidence and external reviewers to assist in evaluating dossier submissions for making coverage determinations. The Department will make a reasonable effort to post the final coverage determination in a timely manner.

All information submitted to The Department may become available to the public. It is the submitter's responsibility to limit information (including, but not limited to clinical, price, financial and all other data and information) submitted under this process to data and information that may be publicly disclosed

  1. IBRC Request Form (PDF)
  2. Public Notification Presentation Form (PDF)
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