Adult Care Facilities (ACFs)

  • Personal care for those who need help with daily tasks due to physical infirmities caused by age or cognitive disabilities
  • Three types of adult care facilities are monitored by NYSDOH:
    • Adult Homes
      • residential care, meals,housekeeping, 24-hour personal care, and 24-hour supervision for five or more adults
      • residents 18 years or older
      • may accommodate just a few or up to 200 residents
    • Enriched Housing
      • long-term residential care to five or more persons, in settings that resemble independent housing units
      • help with medication
      • personal care and supervision fewer than 24 hours a day
      • residents age 65 or older
      • usually individual apartments with kitchen and bathroom
      • one hot meal each day with other food available
    • Residences for Adults
      • usually provide mental health services
      • eight (8) residences statewide, housing a total of 400 persons

Who is Eligible?

This program is available through SSI or private payment.

How do I find Adult Care Facilities?

The facilities are listed in local telephone directories, typically under the heading Adult Care Facilities.