Personal Care Services Program (PCS)

  • Provides services such as housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, toileting, and grooming

Who is eligible?

This program is available through Medicaid, private payment, and some health insurers.

Who provides the services and how do Medicaid-eligible persons access them?

Medicaid managed care organizations and local departments of social services contract with home-care agencies that employ aides to provide Medicaid funded personal care services. New York State oversees the local departments of social services administration of their personal care services program.

Before a person:

  • 18 years of age and over can receive services, they must have a community health assessment and clinical appointment completed by the New York Independent Assessor (NYIA) to determine whether they are eligible for PCS.
  • under 18 years of age can receive services, their doctor must send a completed Physician's Order for Services to the local social services district, which then completes a community health assessment to determine whether they are eligible for PCS.

Click here and go to Frequently Asked Questions if you think you have an immediate need for personal care services and would like more information on how to get your eligibility processed more quickly for these services.