Health Home Member Letter Templates for Outreach

DOH is providing the templates below to be used for outreach to eligible Health Home members; one set is for Managed Care Plans and the other set is for use by Designated Provider-led Health Homes. The letters are labeled for your convenience.

Designated Provider-led Health Homes and Managed Care Plans may propose changes to the templates, but those suggested modifications must be submitted for DOH approval in English. An English version of the changes to the Managed Care Plan letter should be forwarded for approval via email to DOH Division of Managed Care mailbox at this address: Designated Provider-led Health Homes should send an English version of the edited draft letter to the Health Home BML with the subject line "Draft Changes for Member Letter." NYSDOH has translated the templates into seven languages, but will not translate any letters that are changed. It is the responsibility of the Provider-led Health Homes and Managed Care Plans to ensure any modified and translated templates are translated properly.

Managed Care Member Letters

Provider-Led Member Letters