A Guide to OMH TCM Information

How do I locate the OMH Targeted Case Management (TCM) programs?

All of the OMH funded TCM program information may be located on the OMH public website. Please click on the following link, http://bi.omh.ny.gov/bridges/, which will take you to the OMH "Find a Program" page. On that page there are two drop down boxes. The first is a list of each county in the state. A search may be conducted for all counties or each individual county (NYC is divided by its five individual counties). The second drop down box, allows you to select the category/sub-category. Scroll down to the category "Support" and under that, click on subcategory "Care Coordination".

In Care Coordination there are seven program categories of which three are under the TCM option of Medicaid and are relevant to the Health Home planning, these are:

  • Intensive Case Management
  • Supportive Case Management
  • Blended Case Management

The other programs listed in that category are not part of the TCM program (Adult Home Case Management, Home and Community Based Services Waiver, Residential Treatment Facility Care coordination and Non-Medicaid care coordination).