GIS 11 MA/014: Termination of the TASA (Teen Age Services Act), NBA (Neighborhood Based Alliance), and CONNECT, optional targeted Comprehensive Medicaid Case Management (CMCM) Programs

To: Local District Commissioners, Medicaid Directors

From: Jason A. Helgerson, Medicaid Director and Deputy Commissioner Office of Health Insurance Programs

Subject: Termination of the TASA (Teen Age Services Act), NBA (Neighborhood Based Alliance), and CONNECT, optional targeted Comprehensive Medicaid Case Management (CMCM) Programs

Effective Date: December 1, 2011 (target date pending federal approval)

Contact Person: Local District Support Unit, Upstate: (518)474-8887 NYC: (212)417-4500, Medicaid Fee-For-Service Policy Liaison: (518)473-2160

The purpose of this GIS is to advise local departments of social services (LDSS) that the Department is amending the Title XIX Medicaid State Plan to terminate optional Comprehensive Medicaid Case Management (CMCM) services for the TASA (Teen Age Services Act), NBA (Neighborhood Based Alliance) and CONNECT programs effective December 1, 2011, pending federal approval. A final effective date will be published in a future Medicaid Update article. This action is solely the result of a change in Medicaid policy that applies to all Medicaid recipients. It does not limit provision of services by the LDSS, nor does it limit other Medicaid State Plan services.

Program Descriptions


Services authorized under the Teen Age Services Act of 1984 requires local social services districts to offer pregnant and parenting teenagers, and/or at-risk teenagers, who are recipients of public assistance, case management services to assist them with accessing medical, educational, employment and other services. This remains the responsibility of the LDSS. As per the Local Commissioners Memorandum of June 26, 1995, the LDSS may fulfill the TASA mandate either by providing TASA directly; or, enter into agreements with community based organizations; or, through Managed Care programs in their counties.


Authorized by Chapter 657 of the NYS Laws of 1990; NYS Executive Law Article 19-L §548A-548H; 18NYCRR505.16; NBA is an optional CMCM program for individuals residing in under-served and economically distressed areas to provide case management to alleviate the pervasive and detrimental effects of poverty.


CONNECT is an optional CMCM program to address the public health concern of infant mortality by identifying women of child-bearing age who are pregnant or parenting infants under one year of age and to assist them in accessing health care and other resources to assure positive birth outcomes.

It has been determined that Medicaid recipients that are utilizing these optional CMCM services have other available resources such as Medicaid managed care, patient centered medical homes, as well as a vast array of community based programs (resource document will be attached to the electronic GIS). When appropriate, Medicaid recipients should be apprised of these resources that are available in their geographic regions and/or be enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care.

In order to assure a seamless transition, the Department will notify Medicaid recipients who are utilizing TASA, NBA and CONNECT case management services of this program change. In addition, the Department will notify TASA, NBA and CONNECT providers about the termination of these optional CMCM programs and ask that they refer their clients to appropriate community based resources and/or their LDSS office.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please refer to above stated contacts.