PPRs Global Exclusions by APR-DRG

Effective July 1, 2011

The list of Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPRs) is available as a PDF (64KB 1pg)

APR-DRG Code APR-DRG Description
001 Liver Transplant
002 Heart and/or Lung Transplant
003 Bone Marrow Transplant
006 Pancreas Transplant
020 Craniotomy for Trauma
055 Head Trauma w/ Coma > 1 Hr or Hemorrhage
580 Neonate, Transferred < 5 Days Old, Not Born Here
581 Neonate, Transferred <5 Days Old, Born Here
583 Neonate, w/ ECMO
589 Neonate BWT < 500G
626 Neonate, BWT 2000-2499G, Normal Newborn Or Neonate W Other Problem
640 Neonate, Bwt > 2499g, Normal Newborn Or Neonate W Other Problem
770 Drug & Alcohol Abuse or Dependence, Left Against Medical Advice
841 Extensive 3rd Degree Burns W Skin Graft
842 Full Thickness Burns W Skin Graft
890 HIV W Multiple Major HIV Related Conditions
892 HIV W Major HIV Related Condition
893 HIV W Multiple Significant HIV Related Conditions
894 HIV W One Signif HIV Cond Or W/O Signif Related Cond
910 Craniotomy For Multiple Significant Trauma
911 Extensive Abdominal/Thoraic Procedures For Mult Significant Trauma
912 Musculoskeletal & Other Procedures For Multiple Significant Trauma
930 Multiple Significant Trauma W/O O.R. Procedure
955 Principal Diagnosis Invalid as Discharge Diagnosis
956 Ungroupable