If Stand Alone, Do Not Pay Procedures (ISADNP) List

Revised for July 1, 2022 Updates:

NOTE: Information revised during the quarterly update period stated above is highlighted

Procedure Code Procedure Description Inception Date
36415 Routine venipuncture 01/01/18
D0190 Screening of a patient 01/01/18
D1320 Tobacco counseling 07/01/14
D1330 Oral hygiene instruction 01/01/19
D9230 Analgesia 04/01/11
D9248 Sedation (non-iv) 04/01/11
D9990 Trans or sign language svcs 07/01/22
H1000 Prenatal care atrisk assessm 04/01/10
H1005 Prenatalcare enhanced srv pk 04/01/10
T1013 Sign Lang/Oral Interpreter 04/01/10