1115 Waiver Public Comment Day (Upstate)

Empire State Plaza, Meeting Room #6

    Summary is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 19KB)

July 12, 2016


  • Broader topic of the NYS 1115 Medicaid Waiver
  • Public hearing on any other topics related to the 1115 Waiver including DSRIP
  • Jason Helgerson provides background on MRT Waiver Overview (refer to slides)

DSRIP Project Approval and Oversight Panel Co-Chairs:

Ann F. Monroe - introduced panel members & explained purpose of meeting
William Toby Jr. - Absent


A total of 9 speakers raised issues:

  • 4 speakers representing PPSs spoke about their experiences, and provided feedback from physician practices and other PPS partners.
  • 2 speakers discussed the County/Public Health experience in DSRIP.
  • 2 speakers raised concerns about fluoridation in water.
  • 1 speaker touch on CBO funding concerns.

Specific issues discussed include the following:

  • Discussed how the PPS have helped integration with physicians and identifying barriers in establishing best practices. One speaker touched on how the PPS and DSRIP is helping people with disabilities, and including Behavior Health providers in the planning process.
  • Issues with state aid and county revenue for core public health services provided. Local Health Departments are not eligible for state aid regarding early intervention programs, which directly interfaces with the Medicaid population. Local Health Departments are actively involved in local PPS regarding data analysis & process contribution and have educators in communities and schools, opiate prevention, home care services & mental health clinics, maternal child home visitation, tobacco cessation, promote healthy families nutrition programs within WIC.
  • Inconsistent inclusion in Governance within PPS for Nurses Association and clarity requested on patient care issues such as care management, titles, roles, personnel, training, interaction with clinical staff at acute/subacute facilities, etc.
  • DSRIP funds being spent within clinical services where they should be aligned with social determinates of health. Concern with 5% cap to non-Safety Net providers, and CBOs are nontraditional partners. Feedback from CBO study indicates more CBO engagement is requested. Concerns about CBO roles.
  • Bi-Annual Quarterly Reporting requested.
  • Concerns Medicare rating bumps up against DSRIP initiatives. County Health perspective on staff hiring and data retrieval issues while completing daily tasks and working without reimbursement.

*Meeting was concluded at 12:45pm since there were no additional speakers signed up to comment.