Long Term Care Workforce Investment Organization & Plan Partnership Development

Managed Long–Term Care Workforce Investment Program

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November 28, 2017

Designated Long Term Care Workforce Investment Organizations should be developing Plan partnerships in approved regions. Based on the scope and complexity of the applications, we will limit the participation of Plans to those that have at least 5,000 members and are solvent. For the purposes of this program, this threshold is based on enrollment reports as of October 2017. Eligible Plans are listed in within this document for ease of access.

The MLTC Workforce Investment Program will be broken into six regions in alignment with the current MLTC regions: Central, Hudson Valley, Long Island, North East, New York City, and Western.

In an effort to measure sustainability, the Department will require proposed LTC WIO / Plan partnerships to demonstrate alignment with the overall goals of the state´s MRT Waiver Amendment, part of the state´s Medicaid Redesign Team 1115 Waiver and the authorizing document for the funding to support both this program and the state´s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program. These goals include reduction of avoidable hospital use and the adoption of moving 80-90% of all managed care payments to value-based payments (VBP) by 2020. Therefore, partnerships will be required to demonstrate a capacity and approach to support the achievement of these goals. Partnerships will be expected to support, at a minimum, MLTC Level 1 VBP arrangements; we will encourage MLTC Level 2 VBP arrangements. We invite LTC WIOs / Plans to familiarize themselves with the MLTC VBP library and CAG reports:

LTC WIO / Plan partnerships will be required to submit their contracts to the Department of Health for review. A requirement of participation in this program includes a 2-page document related to VBP approach and related strategies. This will drive which LTC WIO / Plan partnerships are supported by the Department. The VBP approach must meet departmental standards for the contract to be considered. The Department intends to provide the LTC WIOs and Plans with a contract outline which will include the minimum criteria for an acceptable contract. While we will not be providing a contract template, the outline will include the essential elements to be incorporated in the contracts executed by LTC WIOs / Plans. The Department intends to post the contract outline, as well as information about our funding methodology, in early December.

The MLTC Workforce Investment program was authorized in New York´s Medicaid Redesign Team 1115 Waiver through the MRT Waiver Amendment. A specific requirement of this initiative is that these funds are not to be used to supplant or duplicate existing efforts.

There is significant diversity amongst the designated LTC WIOs, from innovation and curricula to available platforms and suggested metrics. Plans should consider these diversities in determining the LTC WIOs best suited for the needs of their workforce when developing partnerships.

In the interim period, the following reference materials may be of assistance as you begin the contracting process:

Managed Long Term Care Workforce Investment Program Reference Material
VBP Reference Material

Any questions concerning the contracting process should be directed to the Office of Health Insurance Programs, Division of Long Term Care by e–mail at MLTCWorkforce@health.ny.gov.

Eligible Partial Capitation Plans
  1. AgeWell New York
  2. Centers Plan for Health Living
  3. Elderplan
  4. ElderServe
  5. Fidelis Care at Home
  6. Guildnet
  7. Integra
  8. Senior Health Partners, Inc.
  9. Senior Whole Health
  10. Village Care
  11. VNA Homecare Options
  12. VNS Choice
  13. WellCare