MAPP 101 Webinar

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June 2015

Presenter: Chip Barnes

MAPP 101 Agenda

What is MAPP

  • MAPP: Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal
  • MAPP supports both Health Homes and DSRIP performance management technology needs
  • MAPP Technology:
    • Serve as retail front-end to the Medicaid Data Warehouse for PPS/Health Home community
    • Robust dashboard capabilities provided by Salient
    • Online tools available in portal technology to support DSRIP
    • Health Homes Business and Care Management Functionality
    • Data management and analytics to drive performance

MAPP Conceptual Diagram

Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal

Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal
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MAPP Building Blocks

  • Member focused
  • It’s about Projects and Performance
  • Specific Care Management/Care Plan modules
  • Workflow capabilities
  • Interoperability
  • Data Integration and Single Source of truth
  • Rich analytics
    • Drill down capabilities
    • Graphical, tabular, exportable
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Functionality in MAPP planned through 6/30/15

  • MAPP Portal and Infrastructure
    • Integration with Medicaid Data Warehouse
    • Health Commerce Authentication
    • 2 Factor Authentication
  • DSRIP:
    • Online Provider Network
    • Attribution for Valuation and Attribution for Performance
    • Online Project Plan Application
    • Salient SIM Access and training of non-PHI Medicaid data and DSRIP data for each PPS
    • Implementation Plan Phase 1
    • Member Roster
    • Claims Data Extract for PPS
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DSRIP Performance Dashboards

  • We want a single source of truth (i.e., MDW, plus DSRIP Measures tables)
  • Maximize areas for MAPP automation (calculations done in MDW environment)
  • Salient is go–to environment for all measures that allow for drill–downs
  • MAPP Users:
    • Primarily PPSs
    • DOH
    • MCOs

Core Questions

  • How are we doing on the core DSRIP metrics?
    • Compared to myself, compared to others
  • What is driving these results
  • What can we do about that?
  • Both Accountability views and Improvement views


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