PPS Project Valuation Breakdown Webinar FAQ

  • FAQs also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 139KB)

1. Is this webinar being recorded and if so, where it will be available?

The webinar slides and associated recording have been posted to the DSRIP Website and the DSRIP Digital Library.

2. Have there been any changes in AVs beyond the projects for example, Organizational sections?

No, there have been no changes to the AVs in the Organizational sections.

3. We are supposed to start receiving payments for P4R for Payment 2 of DY1. However, as of yet, the Salient dashboards have not yet been finalized for this reporting nor has all clarification been given for some of the PPS reportable items.

PPS will be awarded P4R AVs if PPS is participating in all reporting activities required by the state. Measure results will be calculated and reported but will not be finalized until completion of the Measurement Year in 2016 (see draft DSRIP Measure and Specification Reporting Manual for anticipated timelines).

4. I noticed three payment periods for DY1 when will the Third payment date be?

The third payment of DY1 will be at the end of July, 2016.

5. In the Forestland email there were some AV changes identified for the projects. Is this theoretical or does that impact all PPS?

The updates made to the AVs in the Forestland payment model in regards to AVs possible per payment period are theoretical and take into account the AVs available per project and the hypothetical Forestland commitments to project speed and scale.
However, the AV and payment calculation methodology in the model as well as the AVs possible for Domain 2-4 measures do apply to all PPS. Areas of variation among PPS in the model include the number of AVs available for Domain 1 measures such as Actively Engaged and Project Implementation due to varied PPS speed and scale commitments.

6. Are the AV changes in the revised Forestland model distributed on 10/27 corrections or new changes?

Updates include both corrections and changes, please see the first summary tab for a list of changes.

7. If a PPS hits 80% of its Patient Engagement for all its projects (i.e. 9 out of 9 projects) does it get 9 AVs?

Yes, if a PPS meets 80% of its Patient Engagement commitment for a project it will earn the AV for that project.

8. How is the Domain 1 Achievement Value for "Quarterly Progress Reports/Project Budget/Flow of Funds" calculated?

The AV is awarded based on timely, quality quarterly report submissions, inclusive of reporting across budget, funds flow, and project implementation progress as required within the given quarter.

9. How is the Domain 1 Achievement Value for Project Implementation Speed calculated? Will the PPS need to provide a list of all the providers meeting Provider level commitments (such as PCMH certification) in order to receive the Achievement Value?

The Project Implementation Speed AV is calculated based on PPS completion of the project requirements, within one of the three prescribed timeframes (DY2, DY3, speed and scale). Yes, at the point of completion of a provider-level project requirement, PPS will be required to associate the appropriate set of providers to that requirement prior to IPP report submission.

10. The Domain 1 presentation dated 4/21/2015 indicates that if no AV applies in the reporting period, the AV should be reflected as N/A. Does that apply to workforce this quarter since it was postponed?

Yes, the Workforce AV will be N/A this quarter.

11. Can you confirm that we are in the middle of Measurement Year 2 and that it will impact P4P in DY 3?

Yes, measurement years run from July 1 through June 30. Measurement Year 2 began July 1, 2015 and will impact P4P results and associated payments in DY3.

12. Do you foresee a need to review this in late January after the DY1 second payments go out and PPS want to understand this more?

If PPS need further explanation when payments are made, additional information will be released at that time.

13. Will the PPS receive a model like the Forestland model, but with numbers specific to the PPS?

PPS will not receive a 5 year payment model like the prototype developed for the Forestland PPS that illustrates the process for semi-annual payment calculations based on the number of Achievement Values (AVs) earned (originally released on August 21, 2015, updated October 27, 2015). However, PPS will receive an Excel workbook that shows the anticipated valuations per project, per domain and by Pay-for-Reporting (P4R) and Pay-for-Performance (P4P) for each DSRIP payment period.