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New York Regional Extension Center (REC) Footprint

New York eHealth Collaborative and NYC REACH

  • Provides Technical Assistance to providers directly across the State
    • EHR Adoption
    • Workflow Redesign
    • Quality Improvement
    • Incentive Programs
      • PCMH
      • PQRS
      • Meaningful Use
  • Over 10,000 providers received EHR and Meaningful Use assistance
    • Small independent practices
    • community health centers/FQHCs
    • NYS Medicaid Health Homes
    • hospitals & outpatient clinics
  • Over 500 sites recognized as PCMH
  • Over 7,000 Meaningful Users
  • Over 15,000 behavioral health providers adopting EHR and care coordination software

DSRIP Program Support from New York RECs

  • Connecting to Partners
    • DSRIP PPS Applicants
    • Provider Organizations
    • Independent Practices
    • Health Home and Behavioral Health Providers
  • Quality Improvement Support
    • EHR Adoption and Meaningful Use Achievement
    • Direct Practice Technical Assistance
    • Patient-Centered Medical Home Achievement
    • Targeted Quality Improvement (Hypertension, Diabetes)
    • Behavioral Health integration into primary care
  • Health Information Exchange Support
    • Connecting to RHIOs
    • Workflow support
    • Identifying available functionality
      • eReferral, Care Coordination
      • Secure Messaging, Hospitalization notification

ACO Strategy for DSRIP Applications

  • Value for DSRIP Performing Provider System
    • Access to Independent Provider community
      • Many ACO providers have significant Medicaid patient population
    • Able to provide 1 point of contact for many providers
    • Conduit and delivery of quality improvement
  • Value for ACOs
    • Already managing risk, reducing costs, avoiding hospitalizations, coordinating care
    • This provides capital for ACO infrastructure
      • Access to hospitalization data, Analytics, Care Management
  • Strategy
    • Understand Size of Medicaid footprint
    • Explain existing population health management infrastructure
      • Analytics, Care Management, Aligned Goals

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