DSRIP Network Tool Introduction

  • Slides are also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 452KB)

September 2014

Gregory S. Allen, Director of Policy
New York State Medicaid Program
Office of Health Insurance Programs


  • Purpose of the Network Tool
  • Access to the Tool
  • Important Network Tool Dates
  • Contact Information / Resources


  • Update Partner Organization Lists (Network)
    • Network Tool at launch contains data submitted in Design Grant Applications
    • PPS´ have three weeks to clean/update the existing data and add/remove providers
    • Can export (download)/import (upload) list in .csv format to make updates (viewable in excel)
      • Import/Uploads replaces the entire online list with the uploaded file
      • Tool allows record-by-record editing
  • Network Tool links to the Attribution Tool - Network tool results will be used to calculate Initial & Final Attribution
    • Attribution calculations will be based on valid National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) and MMIS #s entered in the Network Tool
  • Network and Attribution Tool outputs will be connected to the Project Plan Application Tool when it is released in November 2014


  • Health Commerce System (HCS)
    • HCS Website: https://commerce.health.state.ny.us
    • Web-based system used to access MAPP and subsequently the Network Tool
    • DOH has worked with DSRIP Primary Contacts and their respective HCS coordinators to establish two initial users per PPS that will have access to Network Tool
  • Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal (MAPP)
    • A function within the HCS that will be used to assist in DSRIP and Health Home Performance Management
    • Section on the DSRIP website with MAPP resources including instructional webinars and other useful guides
    • MAPP will also be the home of the Attribution Tool results and the Electronic Project Plan application
    • PPS will be allowed to designate up to 5 HCS users when the Project Plan application is released


  • 9/8 - Network Tool made available with all but full file import capability.
  • 9/15 - Network Tool file import capability added
  • 9/29 - Network Tool locked for Initial Attribution run.
  • 10/1 - Network Tool unlocked for network updates
    • Updates to network tool submitted on or after 10/1 will be included in the final not initial attribution
  • 10/17 - Initial Attribution Report provided to each PPS
  • 11/14 - Full Project Plan Application available
  • 11/24 - FINAL partner lists due in Network Tool for FINAL attribution


  • PSS networks must be as complete as possible in order for the initial attribution to be accurate.
  • Each PPS must attest that each network partner included in the provider network tool has officially consented to be part of the PPS. This requirement applies to BOTH initial and final attribution
    The week of September 15th, DOH will email the lead PPS' with information on how to fulfill this requirement.
  • Do NOT add network partners that have not formally agreed to be part of your PPS!
    Rule: If you are unsure - leave the provider out.
  • Get ready - Have your file ready to go (in the correct format with all current network providers) when the file import capability is added on September 15th.
  • Pay particular attention to 3 critical fields:
    • Provider Name
    • Provider NPI #
    • Provider MMIS #


Please refer questions or issues with the online Network Tool to the MAPP help-team:

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