Performing Provider Systems (PPS)

DSRIP Project Design Planning Payments

As supported in the DSRIP Partnership Plan Special Terms and Conditions (STCs), New York State awarded $69M of planning payments to providers from a designated Design Grant Fund. These grants enabled providers to develop specific and comprehensive DSRIP Project Plans.

The final DSRIP Project Design Grant planning payments were made in February 2015. To be eligible for the final planning grant award, a PPS must have completed the planning phase by both remaining a PPS and by submitting a DSRIP Project Plan application by the due date. No additional awards were given to PPSs that did not submit a project plan application. A summary of all planning payments made for the DSRIP Project Design Grant providers is available below.

DSRIP Project Design Grant

The state has made available funding to emerging Performing Provider Systems to develop comprehensive DSRIP Project Plans. Applications for these planning funds were due on Thursday, June 26, 2014 and were collected by the state. The DOH announced initial awards on August 6, 2014. A detailed spreadsheet of the initial awards is available below.