Mid-Point Assessment Timeline and Updates

April 4, 2017

DSRIP Mid–Point Assessment Timeline

Date Action
July 1, 2016 Mid–Point Assessment Begins
July 31, 2016: PPS DY2, Q1 Quarterly Reports Submitted to IA
August 2016 PPS Networks opened for additions only
August 31, 2016 Primary Care Plans due from PPS
August – September 2016 IA on site reviews of all PPS
September 30, 2016 DY2, Q1 PPS Quarterly Reports Finalized
October 28, 2016 IA finalizes initial Mid–Point Assessment recommendations
November 22, 2016 IA Recommendations released for PPS review
November 29, 2016 IA Recommendations released for Public Comment
December 21, 2016 PPS response and public comment period ends
January 3, 2017 Mid–Point Assessment revised recommendations released for second public comment period
January 23, 2017 Mid–Point Assessment second public comment period ends
January 31 – February 3, 2017 PAOP convenes to review Mid–Point Assessment recommendations (includes 1 day of public comment)
February 8, 2017 PAOP recommendations submitted to Commissioner of Health
February 10, 2017 Commissioner of Health submits recommendations to CMS
March 2017 PPS networks opened for additions and IA approved removals
March 10, 2017 PPS complete Mid–Point Assessment Action Plans for Mid–Point Assessment Project Plan modifications and submit for IA review and approval
March 20, 2017 Mid–Point Action Plans posted to DSRIP Website
March 20, 2017 Public Comment Period Opens
March 31, 2017 Public Comment Period Closes
April 1, 2017 DY3 Begins
April 7, 2017 IA Approves Mid–Point Assessment Action Plans for PPS Implementation in DY3
April 19, 2017 PPS respond to IA feedback
April 30, 2017 IA finalizes approval of Mid-Point Assessment Action Plans

IA On–Site Review Timeline

  • Early July 2016: Notification letters for on-site reviews sent to PPS
  • July through September 2016: Conference calls with PPS to discuss review items and requested data items
  • September through October 2016: IA conducts on-site reviews at each PPS
  • On-site reviews will be completed in a single day
  • October 2016: PPS receive written documentation of on-site review results as part of the Mid–Point Assessment recommendations

IA On–Site Review Topics

  • As part of the IA on-site reviews, the following topics will be covered for all PPS:
    1. Governance: Review of governing body structure. Understand its functions and communications with its partners. Review board minutes and partners´ attendance for meetings. Review changes to boards or committees. Review and evaluate progress for contracting with non-hospital community based partners.
    2. Cultural Competency & Health Literacy: Review how PPS identifies their target communities. What are the values that PPS need to develop with their community partners? What are the training plans to involve and educate community stakeholders, based on addressing health disparities? How is the PPS responsive to their comprehensive community based health needs assessments?
    3. Performance Reporting: Demonstrate methods for sharing information with partners. What reports will PPS use to monitor overall performance and the performance of its partners? What is the PPS´ continuous quality improvement plans?
    4. Financial Sustainability: How will PPS monitor partners´ performance, specifically that of the financially fragile partners? How is PPS going to flow funds to downstream partners?
    5. IT Systems and Processes: How is the PPS supporting and promoting network providers to participate with local health information exchange/RHIO/SHIN-NY including supporting notifications and secure messaging? How is the PPS promoting eligible participating providers in the system´s integrated delivery system connected to the local RHIO/SHIN-NY and actively sharing information across all key clinical partners?
    6. Expanding Access to Quality Care: How is the PPS progressing towards expanding primary care capacity within the service area? How are eligible PCPs in network meeting or progressing towards 2014 Level 3 PCMH standards and/or the standards established by the state for the Advanced Primary Care Model? How are provider practices eligible for EHR meaningful use (MU) meeting the standard for MU?
  • Additional topics may be added based on IA reviews of PPS Quarterly Report submissions

360 Survey

  • As part of the Mid–Point Assessment, the IA will be conducting a 360 Survey of PPS network partners to capture additional details on PPS engagement with their partners
    • The survey will be conducted via a web-based platform with an option for a paper based survey for partners that are unable to complete an online survey
    • The survey is planned for release on August 1, 2016 with responses due by August 31, 2016
  • The network partners that will be selected for participation in the survey will be based on those partners the PPS has engaged for project implementation
    • The selected partners will represent a cross-section of all provider types in the PPS network
    • The selected partners will be identified in mid-July and contact information for the selected partners will be requested from the PPS at that time
    • Selection may also account for partners who have attended PAC meetings and labor representation
  • Survey questions will focus on the network partners and their level of engagement in the PPS across key areas such as:
    • Governance
    • Project Implementation Planning
    • Project Implementation Efforts
    • Funds Flow

Mid–Point Assessment Narratives

  • As part of the Mid–Point Assessment, PPS will be required to submit narratives with the DY2, Q1 PPS Quarterly Report for each of the projects the PPS is implementing as well as for the PPS organizational efforts
  • The Project Narratives will ask the PPS to respond to 5 items:
    • Describe PPS progress on project implementation to date
    • Describe any challenges or barriers to project implementation the PPS has encountered to date
    • Describe how the PPS has overcome those challenges/barriers or what is the PPS plan to overcome those challenges/barriers
    • Describe any project success to date or best practices identified through project implementation activities
    • Describe any changes to the patient population to be served by the project based on changes in the community needs
  • The PPS will be able to submit an organizational narrative that covers all organizational components and will allow the PPS to highlight any organizational successes
    • This narrative can highlight PPS success across areas such as Governance, Workforce, Cultural Competency and Health Literacy, and VBP
  • PPS will also be tasked with completing the Primary Care Plan by August 31
    • The Primary Care Plans will be subject to Public Comment during the November Public Comment period with the initial Mid–Point Assessment recommendations

Questions and Comments

Questions can be directed to the Independent Assessor at: dsrip_ia@pcgus.com