DSRIP Performance Chartbooks


DOH is preparing a series of chartbooks to serve as a resource for preparing the DSRIP applications. These chartbooks can be used to assist potential DSRIP performing provider networks with better understanding of the patterns of health outcomes and healthcare within each region of the state to assist with network formation. The data is not the baseline data for valuation, but can provide a rough proxy for the DSRIP performance and reporting metrics. This page will be updated as more Chartbooks are produced.

Chartbook1: DSRIP Performance and Reporting Metrics: Preliminary Design Phase Data

Chartbooks 1, below, includes maps and charts of Medicaid Avoidable Hospitalizations and Clinical Process of Quality Measures, which are important DSRIP performance and reporting metrics. The source of these data is Medicaid claims data, prepared by the Office of Quality and Patient Safety DOH. The Medicaid Avoidable Hospitalizations data can also be found on Health Data NY. The Chartbooks are presented for each of the DOH regions defined for DSRIP.

An explanation page about how to read the charts can be found HERE. If you have any further questions about any of these chartbooks, please send an email to: doh.sm.OPCHSMWEB.

Region 1: Long Island Chartbook 1

Region 2: New York City Chartbook 1

Region 3: Mid-Hudson Chartbook 1

Region 4: Capital Region Chartbook 1

Region 5: Mohawk Valley Chartbook 1

Region 6: North Country Chartbook 1

Region 7: Tug Hill Seaway Chartbook 1

Region 8: Central NY Chartbook 1

Region 9: Southern Tier Chartbook 1

Region 10: Finger Lakes Chartbook 1

Region 11: Western NY Chartbook 1

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