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Larry K. McReynolds
Executive Sponsor, DSRIP
SVP, Community Health
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December 16, 2016

Independent Assessor
Public Consulting Group
Boston, MA

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for allowing NYU Lutheran PPS the opportunity to comment on the "DSRIP Independent Assessor Mid–Point Assessment Report" that was released on November 22nd, 2016.

The NYU Lutheran PPS acknowledges the recommendations received from the Independent Assessor pertaining to the following three areas:

  1. Community Based Organization Contracting
  2. Partner Engagement
  3. Project 3.d.ii – Expansion of asthma home–based self–management program

The PPS is committed to engaging both providers and CBOs, as well as allocating the appropriate resources towards meeting project milestones, performance metrics, and accomplishing DSRIP deliverables. Additionally, the PPS looks forward to working collaboratively with PPS Partners, CBOs and stakeholders; and will continue to appropriately flow DSRIP funds to PPS Partner organizations to build an integrated delivery system and strive to meet the goals of the Program. For Project 3.d.ii, the PPS intends on working with PPS Partners to educate patients on the benefits of home– based asthma visits. Noting that cultural barriers may exist, the PPS will move towards actively engaging patients for this project and be more inclusive of PPS Partners to leverage their expertise in these efforts.

For Project 2.b.iii – ED care triage for at–risk populations, the IA noted that this project was at–risk because of one milestone marked "On Hold." This is a misrepresentation of the project's progress as Milestone #4 is not a requirement and is considered optional by NYS and the IA. Our PPS requests that the IA remove their recommendation for Project 2.b.iii and adjust the risk score accordingly for this project. This change would result in a total of three recommendations versus the four currently stated in the "DSRIP Independent Assessor Mid–Point Assessment Report" for the NYU Lutheran PPS.

Once again, we thank the IA for this opportunity to comment and appreciate all the hard work from the IA Team during this time. Our PPS intends to make meaningful progress during this Mid–Point Assessment period as well as over the course of the DSRIP Program. Please do not hesitate to contact me or our DSRIP Director, Alessandra Taverna–Trani (Alessandra.Taverna– if you have any questions about our Mid–Point Assessment response.


Larry K. McReynolds
Executive Committee Chair, NYU Lutheran PPS
Executive Director, NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers
Senior Vice President, Community Health
NYU Langone Health System