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Weber III, Joseph


From:     Erika Flint
Sent:      Wednesday, December 21, 2016 1:40 PM
To:          DSRIP_Midpoint
Cc:          Haley Herchek
Subject: Midpoint Assessment public comment

The Samaritan Medical Center/North Country Initiative PPS (10:45) believes that the Midpoint Assessment was overall done in a fair manner, reflecting accurate information. We would like to publically thank the IA for their time and work on this important step in the DSRIP process. The PPS does have two comments to note:

  • The one required action was for the PPS to develop a strategy to enhance partner engagement with MCOs to achieve VBP goals:
    While the PPS agrees that this is something that needs to be done, it should be noted that the initiative of engaging partner engagement with MCO´s is underway and on a schedule that is in compliance with all DSRIP requirements.
  • The 360 assessment:
    The PPS is pleased with the overall favorable response, but the PPS would like to note some flaws with this tool and process.
    • The 360 assessment was not included in the original mid–point plan, and PPS´ were not able to provide comment on the process.
    • Participant selection was done randomly at a provider level. It should be noted that every provider in the PPS, including those employed at large facilities could have been selected, yet would not directly be involved with DSRIP at this point in time.
    • The sample size was not statistically significant.
    • The responses provided to the PPS were not specific enough to generate actionable information.
Erika F. Flint
Executive Director
120 Washington St., Suite 230
Watertown, NY 13650

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