Performing Provider System Network Lists

Below are the performance network lists for each of New York State´s 25 Performing Provider Systems (PPS). PPS have put forth substantial effort developing partnerships with providers in their service area. The goal of these efforts is to create partnerships and comprehensive networks to carry-out the DSRIP projects selected by each PPS. Using these network lists, the NYS Department of Health (DOH) has attributed Medicaid members to partnering PPS providers (described in Attachment I of the DSRIP STCs), and on a quarterly basis DOH will assess PPS performance in DSRIP projects. This will occur through the ongoing measurement of a PPS´ achievement of metrics and outcomes (set forth in the DSRIP Measurement & Specifications Guide).

Specific Notes on PPS Networks:

  1. Each PPS has two network lists:
    1. Network for Valuation (N4V): original network list used to attribute members to a PPS for the purposes of calculating PPS valuation.
    2. Network for Performance (N4P): network list utilized to set performance baselines and to evaluate metric achievements going forward. N4Ps were developed after, and built-off of PPS.
  2. Network lists were created using PPS Networks for Performance (N4P) in the Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal (MAPP).
  3. Performance networks (N4P) may include additional providers that were not used in calculating a PPS´ initial valuation. N4V was used for calculating a PPS initial valuation.
  4. Providers and entities are allowed to be partners in multiple PPS networks.
  5. DOH has worked to scrub the lists where possible. DOH has only removed multiple listings of the same provider but has not removed any individual provider.
  6. During timeframes specified by DOH, PPS will be allowed to add new providers to their N4P. Notices will be sent out to the MRT Listserv when network lists can and are updated.
  7. Each PPS Network for Performance (N4P) list has the date of creation delineated, so that the viewer can identify the most recent list.
    1. The most current N4P lists were created on: July 15, 2015
  8. Any modification to an existing PPS network (N4P), including the potential removal of a PPS provider or partner, must follow the guidelines in the DSRIP STCs (specifically: Section X of Attachment I).