Planning for the Future of Integrated Care in New York State

2017 Stakeholder Sessions

In July of 2017, the Department of Health´s Division of Long Term Care, together with the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, convened a stakeholder kick–off meeting for a broader stakeholder process designed to facilitate the conversation on how to plan for the State´s Medicare–Medicaid integrated care programs after 2019. Following this first stakeholder meeting, each subsequent session covered specific meeting topics, listed below.

Date Location Topics
Session 1
July 20, 2017
Albany Preliminary Stakeholder Meeting:
Planning for the Future of Integrated Care in New York State Process and Introduction
Session 2
September 7, 2017
  1. Target Population
  2. Covered Services
  3. Care Coordination/Care Management Elements
  4. Assessment and Service Planning Requirements
Session 3
October 16, 2017
New York City
  1. Network Adequacy and Access
  2. Participant Rights and Protections
  3. Marketing Rules and Flexibilities
  4. Quality Standards and Measures
Session 4
November 16, 2017
  1. Payment and Rate Considerations
  2. Outreach, Education, and Engagement of Participants and Providers
  3. MCO/Plan Requirements and Qualifications
  4. Enrollment
Session 5
December 8, 2017
New York City
  1. Geographic Scope
  2. Consolidation of Existing Programs
  3. Platform for Integrating with Medicare
  4. Considerations for Transition