Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services Program (CDPAP)

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Consumer Directed Fiscal Intermediary Name
1st Aide Home Care, Inc.
1st Choice Home Care Services, Inc.
24/7 HomeCare Agency of NY, Inc.
A + Quality Homecare, Inc.
A Reflection of You Counseling & Support Services, LLC
A&J Staffing, Inc.
A&T Healthcare, LLC
ABC Health Service Registry, Inc.
ABC Home Care Agency, Inc.
ABC Home Care, Inc.
Abest Care, Inc.
ABI FI Corporation
Able Body Homecare Agency of NY, Inc.
Able Health Care Service Inc.
Absolute TLC Home Care, Inc.
A-Care HHC, Inc.
AccentCare of New York, Inc.
Access Home Care, Inc.
Access Nursing Services dba Alternative Care Systems
Access: Supports for Living Inc.
Accredited Aides-Plus
Accu Care Home Health Services, Inc.
ACS Home Care, LLC
Active Health Care Solutions
ADJ FI, Inc.
Adrama Home Care, LLC dba Sincere Care Agency
Advanced Home Care Services, Inc.
Advantage Management Associates, Inc. dba Advantage HomeCare Agency
Affiliated Home Care of Putman, Inc.
Aftercare Nursing Services
Age and Care Home Care Services,Inc.
AHS ElderCare, LLC
Aide4u Homecare, Inc.
Aides at Home, Inc.
AKETA, INC d/b/a Med Temps
Aliah Home Care, Inc.
Alissa Home Care, Inc.
All American Homecare Agency, Inc.
All Care Home Health Services, LLC
All City Health Care Services Agency, Inc.
All County Health Care of New York, Inc.
All Friends and Family, Inc.
All Heart Homecare Agency Inc.
All Metro Health Care
Allcare Homecare Agency, Inc.
Allegiance Home Health Agency, Inc.
Allegiant Home Care, LLC
Allhealth Home Care
Allstar Homecare Agency, Inc.
Allstar Homecare FI, Inc.
Allstate Home Health Agency, Inc
ALRA Group, Inc.
Alternate Staffing, Inc.
Alternative Home Care, Inc. dba Always Home Care
Amanda´s Angels LLC
Amazing Home Care Services, LLC
AME Global, Inc.
American Chore Services, Inc. dba City Choice Home Care Services
Americare, Inc.
Ameristar Home Care Services, LLC
Ami Home Care, Inc.
Amor Homecare, Inc.
Anderson Care, LLC
Angel Care, Inc.
Angel Home Care Agency, Inc.
Angels in Your Home
Angel´s Touch Home Care
ANR Staffing Solutions, LLC
Any-Time Home Care, Inc.
A-Plus Care HHC, Inc
Apple Best Home Care Agency, Inc.
ARISE Child and Family Service, Inc.
Arvut Home Care, Inc.
ASC of New York, LLC dba Affordable Senior Care of New York
Assistcare Home Health Services LLC dba Preferred Home Care of New York
Assisted Home Care, LLC dba Prime Assisted Home Care
At Home Help, LLC
At Home Solutions, LLC
Attending Home Care Service LLC
Attentive Care Inc
Avalanche Care, Inc.
Aveena´s Loving Companion Care, LLC
Avondale Care Group LLC
Aza Group, Inc.
Aza Home Health Care, LLC
B and H Healthcare Services, Inc. dba Nursing Personnel Homecare
B&C United Home Care LLC
Bangla CDPAP Services, Inc.
Bari Home Care, LLC
Bengal Home Care Inc.
Best Choice Home Health Care
Best Direct Care, Inc.
Best Help Home Care Corporation
Best Professional Home Care Agency, Inc.
Bestcare, Inc.
Bethany Care Stat Staffing Inc.
Bethesda Elite Care, Inc.
Better Choice Home Care
Better Families, Inc.
Bhrags Home Care Corp.
Big Apple Homecare Agency, Inc.
Big Heart Home Care LLC
Bloome Care, LLC
Blue Line Homecare CDPAP LLC
BlueBird FI, LLC
BNV Home Care Agency, Inc.
Boulevard Home Care Associates
Brighton Home Care, Inc.
Broadway Home Care
Bronx Jewish Community Council/Home Attendant Services, Inc.
Bronxwood Home for the Aged Inc.
Bryan Skilled Home Care, Inc.
BSD Health Care Consultants
Buffalo Homecare, Inc.
C and T Homecare Services, LLC
Care Connect CDPAP, Inc.
Care Connection Home Care, LLC
Care Finders LLC
Care Pro of Big Apple
CareAide Direct
Carefirst CDPAP, Corp.
Carelink, Inc.
Carewell Homecare, Inc.
Caring Assistants
Caring Enterprises, Inc. dba Health Force
Caring Friend Direct, Inc.
Caring Shepherd HHC Agency, LLC
Cathie´s Care
CCG Home Care, LLC dba Compassionate Care Givers
CCOR - Companion Care of Rochester
CDPAP Home Care Service, Inc.
CDPAS Extra Inc. dba Beyond Home Care
Center for Disability Rights
CenterCare CDPAS LLC
Chinese-American Planning Council Home Attendant Program, Inc.
Choice Home Care
Citi Health Home Care Services, Inc.
Citycare Agency Corp
CNY Helpers, LLC dba Home Helpers & Direct Link
Cocoon Homecare, LLC
Comfort Home Care Services, Inc.
Comfort Home Care, LLC
Committed Home Care, Inc.
Communicare Group, Inc.
Community Care Companions, Inc.
Community Home Care Referral Service, Inc. dba Helping Hands Attendant Services
Community Home Health Care
Community, Work & Independence, Inc.
Concepts of Independence, Inc.
Concepts of Independent Choices, Inc.
Concern Home Care, Inc.
Confidence Home Care, LLC
Consumer Choice
Consumer Directed Choices, Inc.
Cooperative Home Care Associates, Inc. dba Cooperative Consumer Choice
Cornerstone Home Care Services, Inc.
Corning Council for Assistance & Information for the Disabled, Inc. dba AIM Independent Living Center
Cortland County Community Action Program, Inc
Crocus Home Care LLC
Crown of Life, LLC
Cupid Homecare, LLC
Curatio Health Care Systems, LLC dba A Better Caregiver Home Health Services
Dependable Care dba Hopton Care
Dependable Home Care, Inc.
Design Home Care Services, Inc.
Devoted Home Care, LLC
Diana´s Angel´s Home Care Inc.
Direct Assistance Supports, LLC
Direct Assistant Program, Inc.
Direct Family Care Inc dba CDPAP Marks Home Care
Direct Life Improvement, Inc.
Direct Personal Care, Inc.
Discovering Kindness Home Health, LLC
Divine Home Health LLC
Donna R Grier Inc
Dragon Home Care, LLC
Dream Touch, Inc.
Eagle Eye FV, Inc.
Eagle Home Care, LLC
Easy Choice Agency, Inc.
Easy Touch Home Care, Inc.
Eden Home Care Services, Inc.
Edison CDPAP, LLC dba Edison Home Care
Effective Home Care, LLC
EL Independent Care, LLC
Elder Home Care, LLC
Elders Choice FI LLC
Elderville Group, Inc.
Elite Choice, LLC
Enriched Adult Day Care Services , Inc.
EP Home Care LLC
Essential Home Care Inc.
Eternal Care Service, Inc.
Etienne Home Care Services, Inc
Eva Care, Inc.
Eva Homecare Agency, Inc.
Extended Holding Company, LLC
EZ Living Home Care of NY
FADMO Health and Homecare Agency, Inc.
Family 1st Home Care Inc.
Family Choice Home Care, Inc.
Family Home Care Services of Brooklyn and Queens, Inc.
Family Home Health Care, Inc.
Family Service Society of Yonkers
Family Services of Westchester, Inc.
Family Wellness Program, LLC
Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
FEGS Home Attendant Services, Inc.
Finger Lakes Independence Center, Inc
First Baana Corp.
First Care of New York, Inc.
First Chinese Presbyterian CAHAC
First-Choice Home Care, Inc.
Five Borough Home Care, Inc.
Five Star Home Health Care Agency, Inc.
Floral Home Agency, LLC
Freedom Care, LLC
Friendly Home Care, Inc.
Friends & Family Home Care Services, LLC
Friends Keep Hope Alive Inc.
Future Care Health Services, Inc.
Gentle Hands Home Care
Geriatric Resource Consultants, LLC
Glidedowan, LLC
Glorius Care LLC
GNY Home Care Services, LLC
Golden Touch Home Health LLC
Goldenhearts Elderly Care Services, Inc.
Good Care Agency, Inc.
Good Day Home Care, Inc.
Gotham Registry, Inc.
Graceland Homecare, Inc.
Great Direct Care, Inc.
Greatcare FI, LLC
Greatcare, Inc.
Greater Adirondack Home Aides, Inc.
Grupp II, Inc.
GSNY Home Care Services, Inc.
Hamaspik Care
Happy Direct Care, Inc.
Happy Home Care Agency, Inc.
Happy Life Social Adult Day Care, Inc.
Harbor Care, LLC
HazMed Solution
HCS Home Care of Westchester dba A&J Home Care
Health Acquisitions Corp. d/b/a Allen Health Care Services
Health Aide Inc.
Healthy Care C.D.P. LLC
Healthy Life Choice, Inc.
Heart and Soul Caring Angels Staffing Inc.
Heart to Heart CDPAP, LLC
Heart to Heart Home Care, Inc.
Helping Hands-CDPAP
Helping U Homecare CDPAP Corporation
Helping U Homecare, Inc.
Hempstead ALP, LLC
Heritage Christian Services, Inc.
High Standard Home Care, Inc.
Hi-Tech Home Care Inc.
Home at Last Home Care Services, LLC
Home Attendant Services of Hyde Park
Home Care At Its Best, Inc.
Home Care Services for Independent Living
Home Choice LLC
Home Family Care Inc.
Home Health Care Service of New York, Inc. dba HCS Home Care
Home Health Management Services, Inc.
HomeAssist Direct, Inc.
Hope Home Care, Inc.
Horizon Care, LLC
Horizon Home Care Services, Inc.
HSM Personal Care Corp
Human Care LLC
I & Y Senior Care, Inc.
Ideal Home Care Staffing, LLC
Ideal Home Health, Inc.
Igbans Home Care Services, Inc.
Immigrant Elder Home Care, LLC
Incare Home Health Care Group, LLC
Independent Care CDPAP, LLC
Independent Healthcare Services dba Nascentia Independent Care
Independent Home Care
Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Inc.
Infinicare CDPAP, Inc.
Infinicare Inc.
Infinite Choice Inc.
Infiniti Home Care, Inc. dba Continental Home Care
Intergen Health LLC
International Home Care Services of NY, LLC
Island Home Care Agency, Inc.
J & P Watson, Inc. dba Interim Healthcare of Greater NY
J&A Health Services, LLC
Jawonio, Inc.
JEE Global Inc.
JMD Care Services, Inc. dba Homewatch Caregviers of Nassau County
Joy Professional Home Care Services, LLC
Joyful NY LLC dba Joyful Home Care Services
JS Homecare Agency of NY
Jzanus Home Care, Inc.
Kew Gardenes SEP Inc.
Key to Life Choice, Inc.
Kris Agency & Home Care, Inc.
Laguna4me, Inc.
LH Wellbeing Care, Inc.
Life Quality Homecare Agency, Inc.
Lifecare Advantage, LLC
Light 101, Inc.
Light Touch, Inc.
Litson Health Care, Inc. dba Willcare
Long Island Care at Home, Ltd.
Long Island Center for Independent Living, Inc.
Longevity Health Services, LLC
Love to Care
Love to Care Home Care, Inc.
Loving Care At Home, LLC
Lynn Agency, Inc.
M and N Home Care Services LLC
M&G Care, Inc.
Maaser CD PAP, Inc.
Magic Home Care LLC
Majestic Touch Home Care Services, Inc.
Manhattan Home Care, Ltd.
Maple Community Care Services, Inc.
Marabi Home Care Agency dba First Class Home Health Care of NY
Margret Ultra Home Care
Marks Home Care Agency, Inc.
Marquis Home Care, LLC
Marton Care Inc.
Mavencare (NY), Inc.
Maxim of New York, LLC
Meadows Home Care LLC dba Blossom Home Care CDPAP
Medical Solutions, Inc.
Metropolitan Homecare Way, Inc.
Metsol Health Network, Inc.
MZL Home Care Agency
N&Y Elder Care, Inc.
NAE Edison LLC dba Edison Home Health Care
NBE Global, Inc.
New Century Home Care, Inc.
New Gloria´s Manor Home Care Services, LLC
New Millenium NY, Inc.
New Solution Homecare Service
New York Care At Home
New York Foundation for Senior Citizens Home Attendant Services, Inc.
New York Health Care Select, LLC
New York Health Care, Inc.
North Country Home Services, Inc.
Novel Home Health Care Services of New York, Corporation
Nurses On Hand Registry, Inc.
Nurturing Direct Homecare, Inc.
Omni Choice, Inc.
One to One Home Care, Inc.
Open Door NY Home Care Services, Inc.
Optimum Choice Services, Inc.
Palliative HomeCare of Niagara dba Liberty HomeCare
Palm Beach Direct Care, LLC
Paraclete Concierge Services
Paramount Home Care
Parent Care Home Care, LLC
Parkshore Home Health Care, LLC
Peconic Patient Choice Care
Pella Care CDPAS, LLC
People Care, Inc.
People Home Health Care Services - Licenses, Inc.
Personal-Touch CDPAP
Personal-Touch Long Island CDPAP
Personal-Touch Westchester CDPAP
Phoenix Home Care Inc.
Phoenix Home Care Services
Plan It Staffing
Platinum Home Health Care, Inc.
Pleet Home Care, Inc.
Polo Care, Inc.
Port Morris Home Care Agency, LLC dba Constant Care Health Services
Premier Financial Management Services
Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.
Premium Home Services CDPAP LLC
Premium Services Management Corp
Prestige Home Care Services, LLC
Prestige LHCSA Management Inc. dba Hand in Hand Together Home Care
Prime Living Care LLC
Primo Care LLC
Principle Homecare LLC
Priority Cares Home Services, LLC
Priority Home Care Services, Inc.
Prohealth Homecare, Inc.
Prolife Home Care, Inc.
Promise Home Care Agency, Inc.
Prompt Home Care, LLC
Proven Care, LLC
PSC Community Services, Inc.
Quality Care CDPAP, Corp.
Quality Family Care, LLC
Quality LIFE HomeCare Inc
Quality Touch Inc.
Queens Community Center, Inc.
Queens Homecare Agency, Inc.
Raices Homecare, Inc.
Raiju, Inc.
RAIN Home Attendant Services
RAMA Associates LLC dba Home Helpers & Direct Link of Amsterdam
Real Care, Inc.
Recco Home Care Service, Inc.
Red Sun Home Care, Inc.
Regency Health Care, Inc.
Rehoboth Home Care Companion Agency, LLC
Reliable Community Care, Inc.
Reliance FI, LLC
Reliance Home Senior Services
Renaissance CDPAP 1, LLC
Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.
Responsible Homecare, Inc.
Rest Assured Home Care, Inc.
Restoration Homecare Agency, Inc.
Richmond Home Care Agency, Inc.
Rishavena Home Health Care, Inc.
Rising Star Companion, Inc
Rite Choice Home Care Agency, Inc.
Rockaway CDPAP
Rockaway Home
Rockland Independent Living Center, Inc. dba BRiDGES
Ropen Health Care Services, Inc.
S&A Unified Home Care, Inc.
Sadie´s Comfort Care, LLC
Safe Haven Home Care, Inc.
Safety 1st Homecare, Inc.
Sarah Care USA
Scharome Cares, Inc.
Self-Direct, Inc.
Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.
Senior Home Care dba Link Home Care Services
Senior Multi Service, Inc.
Seniorcare HHA, Inc.
Serene Home Nursing Agency
Services for the Aged, Inc. dba JASA Care,Inc.
Sharing Hearts Home Care, LLC
Shopno LLC
Siblings Home Care Services, LLC
Signature Care CDPAP, LLC
Silver Lining Homecare Agency, Inc.
Simply the Best Home Care, LLC
Sincere Home Care LLC
Smile Homecare Agency, Inc.
Social Concern Community Development Corporation
South Shore Home Health Service, Inc.
Southern Tier Independence Center, Inc.
Special Touch CDPAP, Inc.
Special Touch Home Care Services, Inc
SR Home Care of NY, Inc.
St. Nicks Alliance Home Care Corporation
Stafkings Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Stella Orton Home Care Agency, Inc.
Step Up Home Care
Sterling Staffing Inc.
Sundance Home Care, Inc.
Sunny Home Care Inc.
Sunnyside CDPAP Inc.
Sunshine CDPAP
Supply & Demands Properties
Supreme Generation, Inc.
Supreme Home Care Agency LLC
Supreme Homecare Agency of NY, Inc. dba NU Home Care
Synergy Home Health Care Services, Inc.
T.A.T. Home Care LLC
Taylon Global, Inc.
Tender Care Professional Services
Terra Health Care, LLC
The Doral Investors Group, LLC dba House Calls Home Care
The Eliot at Erie Station
The Royal Care FI, LLC
Tov-Care Home Health Services LLC
Tower Home Care
Tradition Choice, LLC
Tranquility Care Inc.
Tri Care Midwood LLC
Tri-Borough Certified Health Systems of New York, LLC dba Family Care Certified Services
Tri-Borough Health Careers, LLC dba Metrocare Home Services
Tri-Borough Home Care, Ltd. dba Family Pediatric Home Care
Tri-Borough Home Care, Ltd. dba Metrocare Givers
Tri-Med Home Care Services
Tri-Med Staffing, Inc.
Tri-Star CDPA Service, Inc.
Trucare Connections, Inc.
True Family Care Services, LLC
Trusted Nurse Staffing, LLC
Ultimate Care, Inc.
Ultimate Home Care dba Genuine Care
Ultimate Services for You
Unicare C.D.C., Inc.
Unified Professional Care, LLC
United Jewish Council of the East Side Home Attendant Service Corporation
Universal Health Care, LLC dba At Your Side Home Care Services
Universal Home Care Agency of New York, Inc.
Unlimited Care, Inc.
Utopia Home Care, Inc.
Valentcare, Inc.
Venture Forthe, Inc.
Vesna Home Care Services, Inc.
Vimini CDPAP, Inc.
VIP Health Care Services, Inc.
VIP Homecare
Visiting Nurse Association of Albany Home Care Corporation
VYCE Systems, Inc.
Watching Angels
Welcome Care, Inc
Wellcare Health Management Inc
Western New York Homecare, Inc.
Western New York Independent Living, Inc.
White Glove Community Care, Inc.
Willcare, Inc.
Xincon Home Healthcare Services, Inc.
X-treme Home Care, Inc.
York Healthcare, LLC
York Independent Living
Your Choice Care, Inc. dba Cocoon Homecare
Your Choice Health, LLC
Your Choice Home Care, Inc.
Your Choice of NY, Inc.