Medicaid Consumers

General Questions and Information

  • Medicaid Helpline (800) 541-2831
    Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM - 8PM, Saturday 9AM - 1PM.

    The Medicaid helpline can assist Medicaid consumers and caretakers with general questions about their benefits. A new Client Benefit Identification Card (CBIC) can also be requested by calling the helpline.
  • New York Medicaid Choice (800) 505-5678
    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 8PM, Saturday 10AM - 6PM.

    New York Medicaid Choice is New York State's managed care enrollment program. Medicaid consumers who are enrolled in Fee-For-Service and need assistance enrolling in a managed care plan should contact Medicaid Choice. Counselors will assist them with enrolling in the managed care plan of their choice.
  • Local Departments of Social Services
    Use this website to find contact information for a department of social services (DSS) by county.

Pharmacy Benefit Tools

The eMedNY Member website provides information about the Medicaid Pharmacy Program. Medicaid consumers can use the tools on this website to:

  • Find a Medicaid pharmacy or medical equipment supplier
  • Search for prescription drugs and over-the-counter products covered by Medicaid
  • Search for medical supplies covered by Medicaid