FLSA State Share Payments

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Attestation of Compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Funding

I hereby attest that funding for all Medicaid home care services provided by my organization in accordance with the Department´s April 2017 Dear Colleague Letter on FLSA implementation, will be passed through to the home care worker, in its entirety. I further certify that I will maintain all records necessary to verify compliance with this directive (including this attestation and related information) for a period of no less than ten years from the end of the applicable calendar year; and that such records will be subject to audit by the Department and/or its agents for possible retroactive recoupment of Medicaid payments for services that are determined to be in less than full compliance.

In addition, I will provide the managed care organization, if applicable, and/or the Department (when applicable) with all information to verify my compliance with the terms of this directive (including this attestation) and that such information shall be made available to the Department upon request.

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Name of LHCSA ________________________________________________________________________________

License No.______________________________ Date __________________________________________________

Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________

Name (Please Print) ______________________________________________________________________________

Title (Please Print) ________________________________________________________________________________

Please note that in accordance with Parts 86–1.2 of Title 10 of the Commissioner´s Administrative Rules and Regulation, only the following individuals may sign this attestation:

Proprietary Sponsorship – Operator/ Owner

Voluntary Sponsorship – Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer), Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or any Member of the Board of Directors

Public Sponsorship – Public Official Responsible for the Operation of the Facility

Please note that the Department reserves the right to request additional information in the future to ensure compliance with terms of the April 2017 Dear Colleague Letter on FLSA implementation.