MLTC Policy 21.03a

Office of Health Insurance Programs
Division of Long Term Care

Managed Long Term Care Policy 21.03(a): Wage Parity Compliance and Certification Guidance - Clarification for Managed Care Organizations

Date of Issuance: May 20, 2021
Publication Date: Immediately

In response to questions and feedback on the Annual Certification of Compliance with Home Care Wage Parity (the Wage Parity Certification) from Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) that are required to certify under Section 3614-c of the Public Health Law, the Department hereby clarifies that with regard to Paragraph 1 of the Wage Parity Certification an MCO should continue to certify as to whether its payments to contracted providers, including licensed home care services agencies, certified home health agencies, fiscal intermediaries and long-term home health care programs (if any), are in compliance with the Home Care Worker Wage Parity law, and may appropriately continue to rely on sub-certifications issued by, or other information collected from, these contracted providers.

Such certification need not be based on personal knowledge as to whether the compensation paid by contracted providers to their employees is compliant.