MRT Innovations in Social Determinants of Health Initiative

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Q1 Please provide your contact information below.


Title and Organization




ZIP/Postal Code

Email Address

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John Wiltse

Senior Operations Director, PathStone Corporation

400 East Ave.





Q2 Please describe your company or organizations overall goals and mission.

Begun in 1969, PathStone is a private, not–for–profit regional community development and human service organization providing services to farmworkers, low–income families and economically depressed communities throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Vermont, Virginia and Puerto Rico. PathStone successfully operates a wide array of programs funded by federal, state, local, faith–based and private sources.

PathStone programs include:

  • Child and Family Development
  • Community Revitalization
  • Economic Development Services
  • Emergency and Supportive Services
  • Farmworker Housing Assistance Program
  • Health and Safety Services
  • Home Ownership Services
  • Housing Choice Services
  • Housing Rehabilitation and Energy Services
  • Manufactured Home Cooperative Project
  • Property Management Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • Resident Services
  • Training and Employment Services
  • Youth Education and Training Services

Q3 Please indicate which category your organization falls under.

Community Based Organization
Other (please describe below: 150 character maximum):
Non–profit housing and community development organization

Q4 Innovation Executive Summary. Please describe the innovation, and how it addresses the social determinants of health. Please identify how the innovation addresses the 6 innovation criteria (i.e. ROI, scalability, feasibility, evidence–based support for innovation, relevance to the Medicaid population and speed to market).

PathStone provides owner–occupied home rehabilitation and home energy improvements to make homes more efficient and safer for lower income families and seniors across the Finger Lakes Region.

Modest investments of $3–10,000 per home can result in significant health benefits for occupants and health savings due to a reduction in emergency room and doctors´ visits, as well as significant quality of life improvements.

There are numerous studies documenting the connections between healthy homes and health benefits. Here is one such study:–15–2017%20ghhi%20wx%20study.pdf

Healthy homes work is highly scalable due to the presence of non–profit weatherization assistance program administrators serving every county and a robust network of non–profit housing development and improvement organizations, many of which operate as state–funded Rural and Neighborhood Preservation Companies. In addition, there is a long–standing network of for–profit home remodeling and home energy efficiency contractors to supplement the non–profit service delivery as needed, however the non–profit agencies are experienced in meeting the needs of low–income households and many Medicaid eligible households. Additional resources made available for healthy homes improvements can be put to use in a 4–6–month timeframe, with full implementation of a scaled healthy homes program over a 12–month period.

Q5 Was your innovation implemented? If so, please explain when, the number of people impacted, and the results.

Yes (please specify when and the estimated number of people impacted):

PathStone has been engaged in healthy homes work for many years as a weatherization assistance agency and home rehabilitation grant administrator. We have partnered with the Rochester Area Community Foundation, local governments and other non–profits in launching the Rochester Safe Efficient Homes Initiative, which is bringing healthy homes improvements to over 200 homes in the City of Rochester by 2019. However, full implementation of a robust healthy home´s initiative across the Finger Lakes Region has not yet occurred.

Q6 Please identify the SDH Domain that your innovation addresses. (Select all that apply.)

Neighborhood and Environment,

Economic Stability

Q7 I give the Department of Health the right to share the information submitted in this application publicly (for example: on the DOH website). I understand that there is no monetary reward/reimbursement for my submission or for attending the summit should my innovation be selected.

I consent to have my innovation shared