Data Exchange Information

In an attempt to minimize the amount of manual data entry into NYSIIS, the new web application does comply with HL7 standards and does have ASCII flat file upload capabilities. Specifications have been developed to allow software vendors to create an export file from clinical record or billing systems for NYSIIS. Each system will need to be tested to see if the export file meets the NYSIIS requirements.

Providers are encouraged to use the NYSIIS Data Exchange Specifications to extract information from their systems to meet the NYS immunization reporting requirements. In the case where the system they are extracting the information from does not contain all the NYS data elements required for immunizations administered after 1/1/08, the provider should send what they do have and then will be required to log onto the web application to add the fields that could not be provided by the file transfer. Please contact NYSIIS staff to obtain the most recent copy of the NYSIIS Data Exchange Specifications.

Data Exchange Testing and Approvals

Prior to submitting records to NYSIIS, NYSDOH must test data extraction and submission from both providers and their vendors to verify the data exchange is working.

Data exchange testing and approval is a two-step process:

  1. The Provider Organization's EMR or billing system vendor must create a test file and submit to NYSIIS for approval. Vendors should contact the NYSIIS technical team at (518) 473-2839 or via email Once the vendor file is approved, the provider will conduct the next step.
  2. The provider organization must contact the NYSIIS Help Desk at 1-866-389-0371 or via email at to be set up for data exchange and receive technical assistance for submitting their initial file.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact the NYSIIS staff directly via email: or phone (518) 473-2839.