Injury Prevention in New York State

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More than 7,250 New Yorkers die each year because of injury. Injuries occur in predictable patterns, with recognizable risk factors, and among identifiable populations. The New York State Department of Health keeps track of where, to whom, and why injuries occur across the state and uses this information to develop injury prevention programs.

Injury Prevention for All New Yorkers

Injuries are the leading cause of death for New Yorkers aged one through 44 years and a leading cause of death for all other New Yorkers. Through surveillance and programs such as traffic safety, fall prevention, fire prevention, and traumatic brain injury prevention, the department works to reduce the burden of injuries in New York State.

Injury Prevention for Children

Injuries are the leading cause of death for children in New York State. In addition, injuries result in over 18,000 hospitalizations among New York's children, 19 and younger. Through these websites, the department provides information to help parents and caregivers make children's lives safer.