Strive to be a Healthy Gold Star HPNAP Pantry

Buy Smart!

Use your HPNAP grant to purchase healthy foods that your clients may not be able to afford.


  • Offer 90% ground beef rather than high fat hot dogs
  • Offer whole grain foods for better health - breads, cereals, pastas, brown rice
  • Offer low fat dairy products instead of boxed macaroni and cheese

Let 'Em Eat Fruits and Vegetables!

Provide your clients with a choice of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Take advantage of free HPNAP produce. Ask your food bank - it doesn't cost you anything. Be generous - put it out in the waiting room for clients to help themselves.

Teach Them!

Offer recipes that are easy and healthy for clients to take home - better yet have cooking demos and food sampling. Make use of "Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables" (JSY) or your local "Eat Smart New York" (ESNY) nutrition program through Cornell Cooperative Extension.


  • JSY (518) 402-7390
  • ESNY 1 (800) 342-3009

Make the Move to Client Choice!

Would you like the grocery store to put food in your cart that you and your family don't eat?

There are lots of different styles and most don't require much effort to change - but the rewards are big!

  • Better use of your time and money
  • Clients feel more empowered and dignified

Shoot for a Target!

Have targeted food drives - ask for non food items or specific nutritious foods and save your grant money to buy healthier foods.

Report It!

Keep accurate records of clients and report your numbers every month to your food bank - it matters! And remember - no social security numbers.

Contact your food bank for more information.