The New Look of WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

The New Service Approach

WIC staff are dedicated to supporting you and your family. WIC staff promise to:

  • Listen to your concerns and needs
  • Provide help from experienced staff and peer counselors
  • Share information based on science and experience, without influence from formula or other commercial companies
  • Assist you in making the best decisions for you and your family
  • Respect you and your decisions about feeding your children
  • Help you breastfeed as long as you and your baby want
  • Work with your community and hospital to promote and support breastfeeding and encourage a healthy lifestyle

Enhanced Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding promotion and support is a priority for the New York State WIC Program. WIC offers breastfeeding-friendly clinics staffed with trained breastfeeding coordinators. The program encourages exclusive breastfeeding with an enhanced food package of greater value for breastfeeding mothers. WIC provides mother-to-mother breastfeeding support through its peer counselor program. The experienced staff and peer counselors at WIC understand the challenges a breastfeeding mother may face. WIC's breastfeeding services are especially designed to give you the support you can count on to breastfeed successfully at home, in public, and at the work place.

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WIC Supports Healthy Lifestyles

WIC can give you the tools you need to help grow strong, happy, healthy kids. Eating well and keeping active are the keys. Lead the way by being a good example for them. Swap the cheeseburger for a salad. Turn off the TV and go ourside to play catch, shoot some hoops, or take a walk with your child. The WIC Program will work with you and support your efforts. Find out how you can get fit with WIC.

WIC Food Packages

WIC Food Packages offer foods that are lower in fat, higher in fiber and more culturally diverse. The food package is personalized for each participant, and includes:

  • lower fat content - Skim or 1% milk is provided to children two years of age and older and women. Low fat cheese and tofu are available as an option.
  • an increase in fiber content - WIC provides whole grain cereals, whole grain breads, canned or dried beans, and cash value vouchers for vegetables and fruits. Other options include brown rice and oatmeal.
  • more vegetables and fruits for women and children – WIC offers cash value vouchers for fresh, frozen and canned vegetables and fruits year round. All women will receive $10.00 in vegetable and fruit vouchers and children will receive $6.00 in vouchers.

For more information, see WIC Food Packages.