Elaine Roman, Public Health Planning and Information Officer, Niagara County Health Department

  • 17 years of service

Elaine Roman

Elaine Roman is the Public Health Planning and Information Officer, as well as the department's Emergency Preparedness coordinator. Ms. Roman spends countless hours training staff and preparing for Point of Dispensing (POD) drills. PODS provide exposed residents with medicine and immunizations that help prevent the transmission of disease. With a recent Hepatitis A outbreak in Erie County, good planning resulted in a successful event. After this learning experience, Ms. Roman continues to seek ways to attend to those who are "at-risk", also known as the "special needs" population (e.g., elderly, disabled).

Ms. Roman exhibits a dedicated professionalism in managing project development teams with our local, regional, state, federal and international partners. She facilitates several committees and workgroups involving a diverse group of citizens, including the Tribal Nations and migrant workers.

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