Lead Primary Prevention Team, Oneida County Health Department

Lead Primary Prevention Team

Front (left to right)

  • Joseph Robertaccio
  • Sabina Velic
  • Eric Jackson

Back (left to right)

  • Krista Drake
  • Kathleen Paciello
  • Ruth Ayoub
  • Francis Zimmer
  • Kenneth Fanelli
  • Dr. Daniel Gilmore
  • Denis Mistric
  • Jack Ksiadz
  • Catherine Bullwinkle

The Oneida County Health Department developed a strategic plan for eliminating childhood lead poisoning that restructured existing department resources to develop the community's capacity to create lead safe housing. The team created a primary prevention campaign that utilized GIS mapping data to sub-target high-risk residents. Initiatives included a door-to-door outreach campaign and direct mailings. They developed a media campaign that created lead primary prevention public service announcements, newspaper articles, and television and radio interviews. A "Lead Recalls and Information" website was developed to provide easy access to lead hazard reduction information in six languages to support the local refugee population. Team members provided educational workshops on lead to new refugees who are training to be interpreters. The team worked with Mid York Library systems to provide access to lead related materials to residents lacking home computers. Team members played an active role on the Safe Housing Coalition. The hard work, contributions, and dedication of the entire lead team have brought the importance of a strategic and collaborative approach to eliminating childhood lead poisoning and the societal costs of lead poisoning across the lifespan to the attention of our local government officials, the media, community agencies, and the residents.

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