Collaborative Outbreak Response Team (CORe), Dutchess County Health Department

Collaborative Outbreak Response Team (CORe)

Front Row

  • Maria Cunningham
  • Rana Ali
  • Mary Richard
  • Aisha Phillips
  • Evelyn Kaufmann
  • Wilma Stasaitis

Back Row

  • Linda Squires
  • Monique Jones
  • Linda Krug-Keller
  • Micheal Zelie
  • Andrew Rotans
  • Kathy Schinella
  • Rich Robbins
  • Gena Mitchell
  • Brandy Vadala
  • Raymond Strohm
  • Tara Fitzpatrick
  • Jim Fouts
  • Barbara Zelie
  • Christine Zolnik
  • Audrey Waltner

Not pictured

  • Andrea Baker
  • Judy Lyons
  • Norm Pendleton
  • Jenean M. Williams-Green
  • Heather Bonjolo
  • Luann Nappi
  • Maricela Rios
  • Carol Wanyo
  • April Weiss
  • Jackie Whiteley

Over the past few years, the Dutchess County Department of Health (DCDOH) has met to discuss a more holistic approach to outbreak investigations. In July of 2007, after DCDOH staff from various divisions was called upon to work on an illness occurring at a local summer camp, the Collaborative Outbreak Response Team, or CORe, was born.

Comprised of staff from the Communicable Disease Control Division (CDCD), Environmental Health Services Division (EHS), Health Planning and Education Division (HP&E) and the Public Health Nursing Division (PHN), the CORe team collectively works to resolve potential outbreaks.

Since 2008, CORe has investigated and resolved 3 major noro virus outbreaks, trained 18 members in epidemiology, developed and distributed camp logs and manuals, developed materials for simplifying response to an outbreak and linked with Emergency Preparedness to use the ICS format for outbreak response.

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