Expanded Contact Investigation (ECI) Team, Bureau of Tuberculosis Control, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Expanded Contact Investigation (ECI) Team

Left to right

  • Damar Foster
  • Lisa Trieu
  • Clariza Del Prado
  • Julius Akinyooye
  • Magali Calderon
  • Douglas Proops

The Expanded Contact Investigation (ECI) team at the Bureau of Tuberculosis Control is made up of six public health professionals who play an integral role in preventing TB transmission in NYC.  The ECI team investigates all TB exposures in congregate settings including nursing homes, homeless shelters, schools and other work places to identify people who may have been exposed to tuberculosis and to determine if transmission occurred and whether further testing is warranted. In addition to providing testing for tuberculosis, the ECI team also educates at-risk populations about TB.  In 2008, the team conducted more than 30 investigations and identified more than 1000 contacts to TB patients!  Their dedication to controlling TB in NYC is evidenced by their responsiveness, diligence, and willingness to accommodate the schedules of the clients they serve.  They represent the Agency in a professional manner and are respectful to all with whom they interact.

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