Reproductive Health Center, Livingston County Department of Health

Reproductive Health Center

From left to right:

  • Victoria Cunningham
  • LouAnne Conrad
  • Susan M. Zimmer
  • Kathy Smith
  • Susan Zimmer
  • Lisa Beardsley
  • Mary Margaret Stallone
  • Colleen Volkes
  • Fay Austin

The Livingston County Reproductive Health Center provides high quality, low cost reproductive health care to men, women, and teens. Pregnancy testing and options counseling, breast and cervical cancer screening, the provision of traditional and emergency contraception, diagnosis and treatment of STDs, including HIV, are available at any of the four sites.

For the past several years, decreasing client numbers, decreasing Title X funding, and complex billing systems has challenged the Reproductive Health Center. Beginning January 2008, staff meetings focused on: statistics, identification and prioritization of opportunities for improvement, and development of initiatives to address three of these identified opportunities. Staff's participation as a team and their willingness to change the "way it was always done" culminated in success in each of the areas identified. We are very proud of the Reproductive Health Center staff, the vital role they played in the success of these initiatives, and the services they provide.

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