Prenatal Care Team, Herkimer County Public Health Nursing Service

Prenatal Care Team

Left to Right

Christina Schilling, Kimberly Schrader, Christine Barnes, Dr. Deborah Lee, Katherine Williams, Dr. Sonal Patel, Margaret Sinclair, Marchele Panzica and Helene Cecconi

The Herkimer County Prenatal Care Team has been stalwart advocates for improving pregnancy outcomes in Herkimer County. Against a backdrop of significant poverty, shortage of primary care practitioners and absence of obstetricians, the team had advocated for continued County support and expansion of services. They have provided stellar service and have extra miles again and again to assure fulfillment of success for each new family. They smile, encourage, and never stop trying to teach, to supplement, and to assure each mother's chances for improved outcomes.

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