Lana Zahn, RN, BSN, Public Health Nurse, Niagara County Department of Health

Lana Zahn

  • 28+ years of service

Lana Zahn is a Public Health Nurse serving the Niagara County community since 1977. She works in the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program for the Niagara County Department of Health. Her passion for the program inspires her colleagues. Lana's outstanding dedication is portrayed in a case on which she is currently working. She has a family with 5 children she is following and has spearheaded a group of five community partners to assist with removing lead from their home. Through these efforts, the home is being remediated, gutting the inside, getting new siding and windows, being weatherized, getting new appliances and new beds for 6 family members. She has obtained respite for this mother and outings for the children. Throughout this process, she has monitored the children's lead levels and collaborated with our Environmental Health Inspectors. Her work to improve this family's health is a testimony to the worthiness of the mission of public health.

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