Stacey Lee Cibula, Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, Onondaga County Health Department

Stacey Lee Cibula

  • 10+ years of service

While the entire Onondaga County Health Department rallied to protect the health of the community during the planning and response to 2009 H1N1, Ms. Stacey Lee Cibula, Public Health Preparedness Program Coordinator, stood out as a public health star with her consistent exemplary skills and dedication. Ms. Cibula played a critical role in collaborating with the County's nineteen school districts to successfully organize and implement H1N1 vaccine clinics for children across Onondaga County. Her remarkable organizational and interpersonal skills directly contributed to over 18,000 school age children being vaccinated within a one month period during the second wave of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Ms. Stacey Lee Cibula has worked with the Onondaga County Health Department for more than ten years and has clearly demonstrated that she represents the very best of the public health workforce with her compassion, dedication, and skills.

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