Glynnis Hunt, MS, Health Education Coordinator, Schenectady County Public Health Services

Glynnis Hunt

  • 10 years of service

Over the past 4 years Glynnis Hunt, MS has played a vital role in facilitating the transition of Schenectady County Public Services' emphasis from acute to chronic disease. She is the manager of our Strategic Alliance for Health grant with CDC through the NYSDOH. The Alliance takes a policy, systems and environmental approach to smoking, nutrition and physical activity.

As a natural follow-up she wrote our grant application for Sodium Reduction in Seniors keeping the focus on healthier nutrition for our aging population. That grant application was successful. In the summer of 2010 she facilitated the development of a REACH application in response to an RFP from CDC. That grant addressed the disparity in diabetes burden in Schenectady's West Indian population. That proposal was also funded. Glynnis' diligent efforts will bring in more than a million dollars of support over the next 3 years. Her accomplishments and leadership is invaluable to Schenectady County.

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