Members of the 2011 Public Health Works! Honor Roll

Schenectady County Public Health Services

Montgomery County Public Health

Montgomery County Early Intervention Team

  • Angela Stuart-Palmer, Children with Special Needs Coordinator
  • Angela Kayhart, Coordinated Children's Services Specialist
  • Erin Cramer, Coordinated Children's Services Specialist
  • Lisa Dean, Senior Account Clerk Typist

Chemung County Health Department

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City Primary Care Information Project Executive Leadership Team

  • Sarah Shih, MPH, Executive Director of Evaluation and Health Quality Information Network
  • Jesse Singer, DO, MPH, Executive Director of Development
  • Mytri Singh, MPH, Executive Director of Implementation/Systems Integration

Monroe County Health Department

Erie County Department of Health

St. Lawrence County Public Health Department

St. Lawrence County Lean Team

  • Patricia Olson, Senior Account Clerk
  • Nina Plaisted, Senior Account Clerk
  • Tammy Tracy, Senior Account Clerk
  • Sharon MacWilliam, Financial Investigator
  • Elaine Charleson, Account Clerk Typist
  • Lisa Peters, Account Clerk Typist
  • Nicole Wickwire, Account Clerk Typist
  • Susanna Law, Account Clerk

Putnam County Health Department

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City Correctional Health Services Leadership Team

  • Louise Cohen, HCAI Deputy Commissioner/ Acting Assistant Commissioner of CHS
  • Homer Venters, MD, Medical Director
  • Daniel Selling, Director of Mental Health Services
  • Farah Parvez, MD, MPH, Director of Correctional Public Health
  • Alison Jordan, Executive Director, Transitional Health Care Coordination
  • Patricia Brown, Assistant Commissioner, Forensic Behavioral Services
  • George Axelrod, Executive Director, Performance Monitoring and Quality Improvement
  • Pamela Johnston, Executive Director, Clinic Administration
  • John Riggins, Executive Director, Vernon C. Bain Center
  • Richard Stazesky, Executive Director, Information Technology

Tompkins County Health Department

Tompkins County Home Health Care Team

  • Melissa Gatch, Community Health Nurse Supervisor
  • Kathy Taves, Team Leader
  • Kim Hamilton, Team Leader
  • Rachel Buckwalter, Community Health Nurse
  • Peter Burgevin, Community Health Nurse
  • Joyleen Gaustad, Community Health Nurse
  • Karen LaCelle, Community Health Nurse
  • Tiffany Putnam-Northrup, Community Health Nurse
  • Mary Russo, Community Health Nurse
  • Nancy Schaff, Community Health Nurse
  • Cindy Ceracche, Community Health Nurse Per Diem
  • Lorrie May, Community Health Nurse Per Diem
  • Holly Meadows, Physical Therapist
  • Amy Amabile, Contract Physical Therapist
  • Karl Bergman, Contract Physical Therapist
  • Samantha Brown, Contract Physical Therapist
  • Sandra Hudler, Contract Physical Therapist
  • Eleanor Liebson, Contract Occupational Therapist
  • Scott Jones, Contract Occupational Therapist
  • Joe Zanfordino, Contract Speech Therapist
  • Jennifer Grier, Senior Account Clerk Typist
  • Lois Handzel, Account Clerk Typist
  • Paula Lukas, Account Clerk Typist

Livingston County Department of Health

Livingston County Department Response Team

  • Lisa Beardsley, Senior Public Health Educator
  • Daniel Bowlds, Senior Public Health Sanitarian
  • Rodney Clements, Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Victoria Cunningham, RN, Preparedness Coordinator
  • Karen Dewar, RN, MRC Coordinator
  • Joan Ellison, Public Health Director
  • Tina France, Public Health Nurse
  • Erik Henderson, Financial Supervisor
  • Prudence King. Director of Patient Care
  • Serena Kniffen, MSW
  • Cathy Higgins, Senior Public Health Sanitarian
  • James Mazurowski, Director of Environmental Health
  • Kevin Niedermaier, Director of Emergency Management
  • Dale Nieswiadomy, Director of ITS
  • James Peraino, Financial Manager
  • Barbara Rogers, Public Health Sanitarian
  • Kathy Root, RN, Supervising Public Health Nurse
  • Alise Rounsville, Senior Typist
  • Cindy Sheflin, Director of Preventive Services
  • Jaclyn Small, Public Health Educator
  • Mary Margaret Stallone, Director of Preventive Services
  • Elaine VanSon, Deputy Director of ITS

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City Risk Assessment Unit, Bureau of Environmental Disease Prevention

  • Paromita Hore, Risk Assessment Coordinator
  • Munerah Ahmed, Environmental Health Scientist
  • Mukarram Razvi, Industrial Hygienist

Essex County Public Health Department

Essex County Preventive Services Team

  • Sue Allott, Public Health Nurse
  • Gina Brandolino, Registered Nurse
  • Chris Carpenter, Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Jessica Darney Buehler, Health Educator
  • Alana Forcier, Public Health Nurse
  • Rosemarie Koop-Angelicola, Public Health Nurse
  • Phyllis Light, Public Health Nurse
  • Joann Morris, Registered Nurse
  • Meg Parker, Outreach Coordinator
  • Concetta Tyska, Registered Nurse
  • Kate Labbate, Senior Account Clerk
  • Kathy Daggett, Director of Preventive Services

Cayuga County Department of Health

Albany County Health Department

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City STEP UP STD School Screening Program Team

  • Kira M. Smith, Associate Staff Analyst
  • Meighan Rogers, City Research Scientist
  • Joyce Wilson, Supervising Public Health Advisor
  • Grace Pabarue, Public Health Educator II
  • Alexis Thompson, Public Health Educator
  • Mark Naftel, Public Health Educator
  • Ray Ortiz, Public Health Advisor, II
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Public Health Advisor
  • Jimelle DeSouza, Public Health Advisor
  • Ingrid Jackson-Nedd, Public Health Advisor
  • Gregory Rhodes, Public Health Advisor
  • Reginald Jolly, Institutional Aide
  • Miriam Noetzel, Clinician
  • Aldo Crossa, Epidemiologist

Jefferson County Public Health Service

Niagara County Department of Health

Ontario County Public Health

Rensselaer County Department of Health

Nassau County Department of Health

Nassau County Office of Community Sanitation

  • Laurie Lutzker, Sanitarian
  • Kathleen Romero, Sanitarian
  • Lauren Fitzsimmons, Sanitarian
  • Alysa Furman, Sanitarian
  • Camille Laudando, Sanitarian

Tioga County Health Department

Orleans County Health Department

Orange County Health Department

Orange County Healthy Orange Team

  • Robert Deitrich, Director, Community Health Outreach
  • Danielle Moser, M.Ed., Senior Public Health Educator
  • Krista Smith, MSW, Senior Public Health Educator
  • Meg Oakes, Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Heidi Meehan, Public Health Educator
  • Kathy Barnett, Public Health Educator

Clinton County Department of Health

Dutchess County Department of Health