James Norton, Public Health Technician II, Niagara County Department of Health

James Norton

  • 4 years of service

James Norton is a Public Health Technician in the Healthy Neighborhoods Program at the Niagara County Department of Health. For the last three and a half years, every day, all year long, in all kinds of weather, Jim walks the neighborhoods in Niagara Falls. He knocks on doors and introduces our program to the residents. Once inside, he checks the home for environmental hazards including CO, fire hazards and lead paint.

Lives have been saved due to his attention to detail. Jim has found homes with carbon monoxide problems, furnaces with stuck bi-valves, natural gas leaks, adults in need of supervision or assistance, imminent fire hazards, and more. He has always come to the rescue whenever a situation arises, making referrals and phone calls on the spot when necessary.

While the rest of us are working in our heated or air conditioned offices, he is out there, walking the streets, making the residents of Niagara Falls safer and healthier, one home at a time.

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