Livingston County Department Response Team, Livingston County Department of Health

Livingston County Department Response Team

Left to Right

  • Front row: Karen Dewar, Lisa Beardsley, Serena Kniffin, Mary Margaret Stallone
    Back row: Erik Henderson, Victoria Ann Cunningham, Jaclyn Small, Kathy Root, Barbara Rogers, Elaine VanSon, Alise Rounsville

Not Pictured: Joan Ellison, James Peraino, Rodney Clements, James Mazurowski, Cathy Higgins, Daniel Bowlds, Kevin Niedermaier, Prudence King, Dale Nieswiadomy, Cindy Sheflin, Tina France

The Livingston County Department Response Team (DRT) was phenomenal during H1N1 Events. Meetings were held daily, the ICS was in place, IAPs were updated as the situation changed; the COOP was implemented. The IAP addressed establishing PODs, communicating with the public, DOH staff, county departments, news releases, businesses, schools and enhanced surveillance. The Department immunized over 12,000 residents for influenza and H1N1. PODs/Clinics were held in each of the nine school districts, three private schools, in several businesses, and for the general public. None surpasses staff's unending support, dedication, professionalism, and desire to protect the health of the public.

In addition, in February 2011, an unannounced drill was conducted to test the County's Sheltering Plan. The DRT's swift response to the scenario and joint effort with the American Red Cross was superb, demonstrating the Department's ability to meet the needs of the situation, develop an IAP, and address the public health needs.

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