Penny Thomas, Senior Typist, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Penny Thomas

  • 26 years of service

Penny Thomas joined the Jefferson County Public Health Service in 1985 as a typist in the department's accounting unit before moving to the Certified Home Health Agency, where she was appointed to Senior Typist in 1988.

Penny has been a conscientious and loyal employee throughout her tenure, and quickly demonstrated leadership abilities. Penny's duties encompass oversight of the secretarial staff, managing the clinical documentation processes, assisting in the implementation and evaluation of new work processes in the unit, and providing regular feedback to the department administration. Penny has served invaluably through the implementation of two electronic health record systems and has functioned to assist the department in a support role during public health responses to emergencies, including meningococcal and pertussis outbreaks and H1N1.

Penny has excellent working relationships with all who interact with the department's home health care programs. She exhibits integrity and professionalism in all aspects of her work, and is a vital team player within the department.

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