David Marciniak, RN, Director, Correctional Health, Erie County Department of Health

David Marciniak, RN, Director, Correctional Health

  • 2 years of service

Despite his brief tenure with the Erie County Department of Health, Dave Marciniak has proven himself to be a visionary leader for the Department’s Division of Correctional Health. Long fraught with problems, the Division of Correctional Health has made great strides under Dave’s leadership. Working collaboratively with providers, nursing staff, and jail security staff, Dave has managed to transform the way healthcare is delivered to the thousands of individuals that pass through the doors of the Erie County Holding Center and the Erie County Correctional facility. Dave also acknowledged that many of the folks who pass through the correctional system are the folks most in need of a medical home. To that end, Dave is developing partnerships with local FQHCs to ensure that discharged prisoners with chronic health care issues, including many with behavioral health problems, get the care they need, and not wind back up in the correctional system.

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