Joyce Hyatt, Ph.D., RN, PCNP, Rural Health Network Coordinator, Chemung County Health Department

Joyce Hyatt, Ph.D., RN, PCNP, Rural Health Network Coordinator

  • 19 years of service

Joyce Hyatt has been Grant Facilitator for the Chemung Valley Rural Health Network (CVRHN) since 1995. CVRHN is a network of 34 health and human services organizations, and Joyce has distinguished herself as a coordinator and leader. Joyce also is coordinator for the Medical Reserve corps, an organization that she helped to create in 2008. Her career has been exemplified by her abilities to communicate and coordinate effectively with community partners, including the local health department, to achieve public health objectives. CVRHN was able to fund high speed internet service to rural care providers and teleconferencing equipment for hospitals and public health and helped to develop a telehealth disease management program that has been highly effective in assisting patients to manage chronic diseases like congestive heart failure, diabetes and COPD. Joyce has been a dynamic and effective member of numerous coalitions including the AIDS Task Force, Shape Up Chemung, Eat Well/Play Hard, Tobacco Awareness Community Partnership and Cancer Services Program. Her leadership and passion for community health initiatives have made her a role model for public health in the Southern Tier.

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