Division of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Education, Rockland County Department of Health

Division of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Education

Front Row:

  • Melissa Jacobson, MPH, Laurie Messinger, Daddy Paul, Carrie Steindorff, Ludmila Mohler, Ronda Rosman, Barbara Plasker, EdD

Back Row:

  • Una Diffley, MPH, Nancy Haggerty, Michelle Kleinman, RD, CDN, CLC, Christina Duncan, Pat Parke, Steven Levin, Maryanne Ferrara, Alana Boutelle

Not pictured:

  • Shelley Chanler, MA, CHES, Vivian Desert and Melanie Shefchik

The Rockland County Division of Health and Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Educations's evidence-based programs and policies positively influence how “Rocklanders” live, work and play. Our highly trained staff offers award-winning services through partnerships and collaborations countywide.

Read what residents say:
“Our community appreciates the help we received to start a community garden, enhance our farmers’ market, build playgrounds, create smoke-free parks, and work with stores to offer healthier choices.” - Village of Haverstraw

Local business employees enjoy onsite weight loss classes, gym & walking path:

  • “I used to go home tired; now that I’m going to the gym every day, I have more energy and feel better.” – Evelin
  • “I’m fortunate to live in a county that has the foresight to protect our health for future generations.” - George

Our goal, to make our county a community where health is a priority, active living is promoted, and disease is prevented, is becoming a reality.

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