Marlene Denicola, Public Health Nurse, Chemung County Health Department

Marlene Denicola, Public Health Nurse

  • 24 years of service

During 24 years of service in the Chemung County Health Department, Marlene Denicola, RN, has been a key member of the public health nursing staff. Her responsibilities have included oversight of the immunization and lead programs, including service on the regional immunization coalition. She is cross-trained in all other public health nursing duties including STD/HIV, maternal and child health, communicable diseases, and Tuberculosis. During the H1N1 pandemic of 2009-2010, she assumed additional emergency preparedness responsibilities and served a key role in organizing and staffing the many vaccination POD's that were held throughout the county. She maintains close contact with schools, physician offices, hospitals and the State Health Department to ensure coordination of disease reporting, data collection, and public health education. Marlene’s vast experience and knowledge of public health programs makes her an exemplary role model and resource for mentoring for new nurses assigned to public health tasks in Chemung County.

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