Department Support Team, Oswego County Health Department

Department Support Team, Oswego County Health Department


  • Back Row: Julie Kennedy, Sylvia Fields, Shawn Ellixson, John Walker
  • Front Row: Stephanie Carmody, Eileen Santoro, Jennifer Walts, Linda Eagan

Not Shown:

  • Darcy Ahern and Nelson Bartlett

The team consists of 10 staff, performing administrative operation, finance, and IT functions to keep the whole department running internally. The team’s work touches every aspect of the department’s public health and community services. The past year was a challenging year in operation. The department experienced structural changes and severe budget cuts, accompanied by uncertainties and frustrations. But the team showed its model role in the all the challenges: in organizational downsizing, it led; and in budget cut, it led. With its leading in beating the challenges, the team successfully worked with each Division of the department through careful assessments and thorough discussions. The department reached the required changes and cuts while most services were preserved. The team also strengthened contract processing and filing, enhanced compliance of the federal and State law, and timely updated computer hardware and software for keeping the department at high efficiency.

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