Ron Hansen, Public Health Administrator, Deputy Commissioner of Health, Rockland County Department of Health

Ron Hansen, Public Health Administrator, Deputy Commissioner of Health

  • 16 years of service

Ron Hansen is vital to the operations of the Rockland County Department of Health. He is the very definition of what is it to be a public health worker, dedicated and passionate. As the Deputy Health Commissioner and Director of Finance, Ron is able to juggle many tasks with ease. He ensures that all contracts and deliverables are met, manages personnel and administrative issues, and assists the Commissioner with budget negotiations. No problem is too big or too small to solve, from writing a policy to helping move office supplies, no task is too complex or menial for him to complete. Thinking outside the box comes naturally to Ron. His approach to arbitrating disparate points of view during meetings is a great asset. As Deputy Commissioner he has demonstrated an ability to build consensus through skilled negotiation. Ron Hansen is a shining of example of how “Public Health Works!”

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