Prevention Services Team, Wayne County Public Health Services

Prevention Services Team, Wayne County Public Health Services

Left to right:
Christine Gedney, PHN, Communicable Disease and Lead Coordinator; Veronica Lafave-Boughton, RN, Tuberculosis and Rabies Coordinator; Christne Bylinski, RN, Coordinator of PHEP; Chantelle Lyons, Bilingual Community Health Worker

Not pictured:
Carol Monsees, Supervising Public Health Nurse and Susan Sheets, RN, Immunization and Maternal Child Health Coordinator

The Wayne County Public Health Prevention Services Team is comprised of dedicated staff that work hard to improve the health of our residents through the course of their assigned programs and by working on Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) activities. Team members work diligently to reduce obesity; increase breastfeeding rates by reducing barriers to accessing breast feeding resources; conduct an annual "Fight the Bite" campaign to prevent mosquito-borne diseases; establish communication lines and reduce barriers to accessing services for our Amish and Mennonite population; and assist with Wayne County Public Health Services' application for public health agency accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

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